Draft Cardiff Well-being Assessment

Cardiff’s Draft Well-being assessment has been produced following consideration and analysis of a wide range of data relating to the well-being of Cardiff and it’s residents.

Prior to publication of the Draft Assessment for consultation, we are asking partners to review the Draft Cardiff Today Executive Summary document that summarises the key messages drawn from the data analysis:

•    Do you recognise the assessment of Cardiff?

•    Does the assessment cohere with that of your own organisation, both in terms of strengths and challenges?

Please could any feedback be provided by Friday 31st December, and emailed to CardiffPSB@cardiff.gov.uk

If you wish to discuss any of the information in person, please email Nathan Swain (naswain@cardiff.gov.uk) and a call will be arranged via Microsoft Teams.

NB. Please feel free to share the link to this page with any policy colleagues within your organisation that may wish to contribute, but please note that this is currently a draft for comment with PSB partners, prior to consultation in the New Year.

Key Documents

1. Draft Cardiff Today Executive Summary

2. Draft Cardiff Today Report – Assessment of Well-being in Cardiff

3. Data analysis: Key Data Sets Presented by Theme and Wellbeing Objective

Health and Well-being
Well-being Objective 1: Cardiff is a Great Place to Grow Up
Well-being Objective 2: Cardiff is a Great Place to Grow Older
Well-being Objective 3: Supporting People out of Poverty
Well-being Objective 4: Safe, Confident and Empowered communities
Well-being Objective 5: A Capital City that Works for Wales
Well-being Objective 6: Cardiff Grows in a Resilient Way
Well-being Objective 7: Modernising and Integrating our Public Services

4.Summary of Statutory Reviews and Assessments

The following additional documents will be published when going out to consultation:

• Ward Profiles: Key data sets for each electoral ward of Cardiff
• Cardiff Tomorrow: Future Trends report