Liveable City Report

Why the Liveable City Report?

To make Cardiff an even better place to live, work and visit we need to understand the city’s strengths and weaknesses.

Listen to Councillor Phil Bale, Chair of the Public Services Board and Allison Dutoit Liveable City Advisor, discuss the Liveable City Report:

By comparing Cardiff with the core cities in the UK and other Welsh Local Authorities, this report shows where the city is performing well and where Cardiff needs to improve.

The report has been developed by public service partners to help identify collective objectives for improving the well-being of Cardiff.

The Liveable City Report 2017 can be accessed here

It also acts as a summary of the city’s Well-being Assessment as required under the Well-being of Future Generations Act.

Cardiff’s Well-being Assessment

Cardiff’s Assessment of Local Well-being is comprised of:

  • Summary Document providing the context for the development of the Assessment and highlighting some of its main findings;
  • Neighbourhood Well-being Assessments which looks in more detail at the well-being of each of Cardiff’s six neighbourhood partnership areas, in order to highlight some of the differences between the city’s communities:

Cardiff North 

Cardiff East 

Cardiff South East 

City & Cardiff South

Cardiff South West 

Cardiff West 

The data and other evidence used to develop the draft Well-being Assessment can be found here.