Neighbourhood Partnerships

Within Cardiff the neighbourhood partnership model provides a coherent structure for allowing organisations to work together within local areas. Multi-agency teams based in six localities across Cardiff share local intelligence to solve problems for their particular neighbourhood.

Neighbourhood Partnership arrangements bring services closer to people, and help partners understand local needs and aspirations. It is a framework that allows the effective coordination of resources to solve problems and deliver at the local level. This means that a range of expertise from across the public and voluntary sectors is brought to bear on the issues that really matter to communities.

The Neighbourhood Partnership structure in Cardiff is delivered through a strategic and operational delivery structure across six Partnership Areas.  The What Matters Strategy provides the overall framework and through the six Partnerships, elected members and partners priorities particular local issues in response to community need and business intelligence.

What’s happening in your local area

Would you like to know more about what’s happening in your local area? Use the map below to find and select your neighbourhood and discover what initiatives are taking place.

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