Cardiff is inherently at risk from flooding as it is located near the mouth of rivers and is in an area with tidal influence. The city is heavily defended but the implications of climate change could increase the risk. Winter rainfall in Wales is projected to increase on average by 14% by the 2050s. In terms of surface water, Cardiff is one of 8 authorities in Wales defined as a flood risk area under the Flood Risk Regulations 2009. 12,000 people could be at risk during more extreme flooding events.

The consequences of flooding are not just financial. Even modest events can significantly impact on the physical and mental well-being of individuals for many years. One of the areas at highest risk is the south of the city nearest the coast. People living in this area have an increased chance of living in poverty and of having poorer health.

It will therefore be important that Cardiff considers mitigating measures and defences and ensures that new developments take account of potential flood risk.

This map shows the different flood risk level if there were not flood defences. The coloured shading shows the likely severity of flooding should it occur. Severity is based on the number of properties likely to be affected.