As part of the 2016 Ask Cardiff Survey a number of questions were asked on well-being. The most important factors in leading a healthy and happy life were felt to be:

  • ‘Being fit and healthy’ (37.6%)
  • ‘Having friends and family around you’ (33.8%)
  • ‘Eating well’ (28.7%)
  • ‘Financial Security’ (19.3%).

In terms of local services or organisations that have the most positive effect on people and community well-being, ‘Parks and open spaces’ (28.6%) more than doubled other responses including:

  • ‘Library/Hub’ (13.4%)
  • ‘Leisure centres’ (9.6%)
  • ‘Health and social care’ (6.9%).

In considering the issues that might affect their well-being over the next five years almost a third of respondents felt that ‘Health and mobility’ was the most significant factor (32.6%), followed by:

  • ‘Finances’ (19.3%)
  • ‘Ageing’ (16.3%)
  • ‘Decent employment’ (13.3%)
  • ‘Accessible and affordable services’ (9.7%).

Residents were also asked which services and support would help maintain or improve their well-being. ‘Having good relationships with friends and family’ was seen as most important followed by ‘Being financially secure’ and having ‘Access to open space’.