Cardiff has a long history of diversity and people largely agree that Cardiff is a cohesive city, one where people feel that they belong to their communities and have positive relationships within them. Cardiff is joint 4th among Europe’s capital cities in terms of people believing that foreigners are well-integrated and the well-being engagement activities highlighted cohesion as a key asset.

However, this is another area where perceptions across the city vary. While 71.8% of people in Cardiff West feel that people in their neighbourhood get on well together, only 48.5% of people in Cardiff East agree.

This is also highlighted when considering how deprivation influences people’s opinions. Only 52% of people living in the most deprived areas of Cardiff (level 1 on the chart below) believe that people in their neighbourhood get on together, compared to 76.9% of people living in the least deprived areas (level 5 on the chart).

Cardiff has not been immune to the spread of extremism and global terrorism and its impacts on community well-being. Partnership arrangements are already in place to respond to the ideological challenges of terrorism and divisive views and to support people who may be at risk of being drawn into extremism.