There are numerous impacts of criminal behaviour. Being a victim of even a ‘minor’ crime can have an impact on their mental or physical health, their ability to work and their personal relationships. The impacts can also be felt by an entire community, in terms of their perceptions of the safety of where they live and work. It can also change how a city is perceived and whether it is somewhere that companies want to invest in, people want to move to, study in or visit.

Cardiff is an increasingly safe city. Total crime has reduced significantly in the last 10 years. Although the city’s population has grown by 11%, recorded crime has fallen by 26%. This equates to over 11,500 fewer recorded crimes in 2015/16 compared to 2005/06. Taking into account population growth, overall crime has fallen by 34%. Put simply, Cardiff residents are a third less likely to be the victim of crime than a decade ago. Cardiff is not alone in becoming much safer with similar reductions across England and Wales.

Whilst crime has decreased in Cardiff at a significant rate, there has been an inconsistent picture across the various crime categories which make up overall crime levels4. Whereas “Dwelling Burglaries” have reduced by 40% and “Criminal damage” has decreased by 57%, there have been increases in “Violence against the person”. You can read more about our neighbourhoods’ experiences of crime in the Neighbourhood Assessments and in Outcome 7.


4It is important to take into account the changes made by the Home Office to the recording of crime within England and Wales during this period. Whilst these guidelines are published by the Home Office it is up to each individual police force how they implement these guidelines.