Cardiff Well-being Plan 2018-2023

Having undertaken a local well-being assessment to understand the city’s strengths and challenges, Cardiff’s Public Services Board (PSB) has produced a Local Well-being Plan – a 5 year plan to respond to the issues raised.

Well-being Plan 2018-23

Appendix 1 – Cardiff Public Services Board Members – Strategic Plans

Appendix 2 – Well-being in Cardiff – Feedback Report

Appendix 3 – Well-being Objectives – Contribution to National Well-being Goals and Timescales

Appendix 4 – Well-being Indicator Technical Document

What is a Well-being Plan?

The Well-being Plan sets out the Cardiff PSB’s priorities for action focussing on the areas of public service delivery which fundamentally require partnership working between the city’s public and community services, and with the citizens of Cardiff.

The Plan contains Well-being Objectives, high-level priorities that the Cardiff PSB has identified as being most important. It also contains ‘Commitments,’ or practical steps that the city’s public services, together, will deliver over the next 5 years.

Why do we need a well-being plan?

Cardiff is going through a period of rapid change and faces the following challenges:

  • Making sure the city’s growth benefits all citizens
  • Reducing the gap in outcomes between the most and least deprived
  • Making sure the city’s public services and infrastructures are resilient to population growth
  • Delivering excellent public services, particularly for the vulnerable, at a time of austerity.

Evidence Base

The Plan responds to a wide ranging evidence base on the quality of life and public services in Cardiff, and how these might change over the years to come.

This includes:

  • Cardiff’s Local Well-being Assessment: a comprehensive study of the quality of life in Cardiff undertaken in 2017
  • The views of the people of Cardiff: a programme of engagement on the development of the plan (See Appendix 2 to the Plan)
  • The Cardiff Future Trends report: a report for the Cardiff Public Services Board that sets out the long term trends facing Cardiff and the impact these will have on the city’s public services.