Cardiff’s Draft Local Well-being Plan

Having undertaken a local well-being assessment to understand the city’s strengths and challenges, Cardiff’s Public Services Board has produced a Draft Local Well-being Plan – a 5 year plan to respond to the issues raised.

To access the draft plan  Click Here

Why do we need a well-being plan?

 Cardiff is going through a period of rapid change and faces the following challenges:

  • Making sure the city’s growth benefits all citizens
  • Reducing the gap in outcomes between the most and least deprived
  • Making sure the city’s public services and infrastructures are resilient to population growth
  • Delivering excellent public services, particularly for the vulnerable, at a time of austerity.

What does it propose?

To help meet the above challenges, the plan sets out 7 areas for action (well-being objectives) and proposes what the city’s public services will do, together, to achieve them (our commitments).


Cardiff’s Draft Well-being Plan was consulted on 13 October 2017 – 5 January 2018.  Thank you for your views.

The final well-being plan will be published in Spring 2018.