What Matters 2010-2020

In early 2010, partners in Cardiff agreed to bring together for the first time four separate strategy documents (the Proud Capital Community Strategy; the Health, Social Care and Well Being Strategy; the Children and Young People’s Plan; and the Community Safety Strategic Assessment) into a single Integrated Partnership Strategy – “What Matters”. This approach ensures that each organisation now coordinates their resources around seven shared outcomes to focus on the issues that matter most to the people of Cardiff.

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The “What Matters” Strategy will therefore deliver 7 strategic outcomes to ensure that

  • People in Cardiff are healthy;
  • People in Cardiff have a clean, attractive and sustainable environment;
  • People in Cardiff are safe and feel safe;
  • Cardiff has a thriving and prosperous economy;
  • People in Cardiff achieve their full potential;
  • Cardiff is a great place to live, work and play;
  • Cardiff is a fair, just and inclusive society.

In developing the strategy, partners undertook a “needs assessment” which provided an in-depth snapshot of where the city is in relation to each of the 7 outcomes. This was the first time a single, comprehensive piece of work had been done. The findings shaped the priorities in the strategy and analysis continues to be updated through city-wide and Neighbourhood update reports to ensure that any future activity is based on a clear evidence of need.

Please use the links below to access the “What Matters” Strategy, the Executive Summary, Needs Assessment and a case study outlining the approach undertaken in Cardiff.