People in Cardiff are healthy

The Cardiff Partnership aims to promote healthy behaviours and improve the well-being of people in Cardiff. Everyone has a right to be as healthy as possible and through collaborative working we aim to ensure that every citizen of Cardiff has access to the services and resources they need to live healthy lives.

Cardiff has a clean, attractive and sustainable environment

It is commonly accepted that the cities of the future will need to be sustainable, and the Cardiff Partnership is committed to embracing our unprecedented growth whilst promoting the quality of the environment. As part of our commitment we will work hard to reduce harmful emissions and curb wasteful consumption of valuable resources.

People in Cardiff are safe and feel safe

In Cardiff one of our priorities is to ensure each and every person is safe, feels secure and is part of a cohesive and inclusive community. Through the hard work of the South Wales Police, City of Cardiff Council and other partners we have continued to make progress in ensuring that Cardiff remains one of the safest cities in the UK.

Cardiff has a thriving and prosperous economy

As a city facing unprecedented growth, Cardiff has a need to increase the number and quality of job opportunities available. The Partnership therefore will continue to invest in Cardiff’s business infrastructure and in ensuring access to training and skills for all who need it.

People in Cardiff can achieve their full potential

The Cardiff Partnership recognises that educational and professional achievements are among the most recognisable means of realising potential, and the provision of first class educational and training networks across the city provides the people of Cardiff with opportunities to pursue their interests, improve their life chances and to ensure their independence.

Cardiff is a great place to live, work and play

Over recent years, Cardiff has seen many positive developments across the city and the Cardiff Partnership is committed to embracing these changes as well as protecting and preserving the heritage and traditions within the city. This blend of contemporary and historical elements give Cardiff a unique diversity and character.

Cardiff is a fair, just and inclusive society

Cardiff takes pride in embracing a long history of multiculturalism alongside a vibrant Welsh character. As city partners we want to maintain and build on the city’s strengths and continue to make our work equitable; providing vital services that reflect the communities where they’re needed. We aim to eliminate disadvantage where possible and engender a culture of cohesion and inclusion across every aspect of life in Cardiff.